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Antenatal Courses with Hypnobirthing 
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You might be wondering if I had a 'perfect' birth,  the simple answer is no.  Not because I tried hypnobirthing and it didn't work, but because all I did was acknowledge there were skills I could learn to have a calm and positive birth but then I moved on to spending time on what I thought were the more exciting parts of planning for a baby. 

My labour was not what I had envisaged at all: it was long  and included things I had not mentioned on my birth plan or even considered. Everything I had hoped my birth would be became the opposite.  My husband and I had  both been passive participants in an event where we should have been the star players. We certainly didn't make informed decisions which are so important when preparing for birth and have been proven to increase birth satisfaction.

It was then I decided that I wanted to be able to make a positive difference by helping others preparing for birth

I trained for my University Diploma in Antenatal Education with the NCT (National Childbirth Trust) and continue to facilitate antenatal courses for them and Blossom Antenatal. I subsequently trained as an independent hypnobirthing practitioner, an aromatherapy for birth specialist, and a birth and postnatal doula.

I have helped birth partners prepare for birth facilitating Dads2B classes at St John's Hospital, West Lothian and I currently  represent the views of parents across the Lothians as a lay member of the NHS Lothian Maternity Voices Partnership 

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DipHE Antenatal Education 

MamaSerene Hypnobirthing Accredited

Aromatherapy for Childbirth RCM Certified

Nurturing Birth Doula Trained

Cert. Counselling Skills

OCN Accredited Level 2 Babywearing Peer Supporter

BD (Hons) Majoring in Pastoral Care & Counselling

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Providing face to face antenatal support in West Lothian from Linlithgow to Livingston and  Bathgate to Broxburn.
 Online across Scotland and the rest of the UK.