Online Hypnobirthing Workshop
Boost your Birth Prep from the Comfort of Home

My 2.5hr online workshop is the perfect choice if you are looking to learn the basics of hypnobirthing and how the techniques can help you. Perfect if you are short on time, or need a refresher course. 

From start to finish the workshop is packed with ideas on how you can work with your mind and body enabling you to approach labour feeling calmer and in control and more confident. 

We will look at the physiology of birth, sef-hypnosis, breathing techniques and massage. Lots of skills for you to do alone or with your birth partner.

After our time together online, I will email you 6 hypnosis scripts for you to download at home along with handouts and videos to supplement what we cover.

The experience we gained from attending the session helped immensely. We both managed to stay relaxed and used a lot of the techniques you taught us.


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Included in the Workshop

2.5 hours of online antenatal education plus hypnobirthing held via Zoom. 

  • 6 Hypnobirthing MP3s to download  

  • 1 Relaxation track to download

  • Access to online visualisation tracks

  • Access to online resources data base 

Why choose a Birth Preparation with Joy workshop ...

There are lots of 'teach yourself' courses out there, but that involves time and effort on your part and would you make the time to do it once you had bought the book or downloaded it? What about involving your birth partner too. 

With my 2.5hr Online Antenatal Workshop with Hypnobirthing, the hard work is done for you!

All you have to do is log onto Zoom and relax whilst I share my knowledge and experience with you. You have the benefit of an online course but in real time so it is much more personal. You can even log in with your birth partner from different places if you are not together right now. 

We found the format and presentation informative, professional & organised & left feeling calm and more prepared. 

Jen & Paul


I do ask that webcams are kept on because it is easier for me to engage with you, but you can contribute as much or as little as you wish but I do like it if you talk to me either via your mic or via the Zoom chat box especially if you have questions.

Once you have completed the workshop, you will have lots of skills to go away and practice at a time and in a place that is comfortable for you.

Your Investment

£35 per couple