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Boost  Your Birth Prep

30min Intro Session  to The Complete Birth Prep Package
Your Local 5* Rated Antenatal Course

Attention mum-to-be!

Discover the secrets to a more empowered birth experience.

It's not about telling you how to birth your baby as your body already knows how to do that. It is about showing you how awesome you are so you know that you can do it too!


If there's one thing I've learned through years of supporting local expectant parents, it's that knowledge truly is power - especially when it comes to childbirth.

Imagine walking into your birthing room feeling not just ready, but excited, empowered, and filled with the confidence that you've got the tools to make your labour smoother and more connected. What about feeling like your know how to master all those early baby care skills too?


If that sounds like something you can get behind, then sign up to my free info session about The Complete Birth Prep Package and discover more about how I can help you prepare for labour, birth and early parenthood. 

With ZERO hard sell, because who wants that! Just 30 mins of course info and a wee bit of banter. 

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How my antenatal courses supported expectant parents just like you! ...

"Everything went according to plan and I couldn't have asked for a better labour.. I believe following this course and using all of Joy's advice truly helped me to achieve my goal! I feel very empowered by the whole experience!" Bea & Partner

"Absolutely wonderful experience with Joy. She provides and helps create a healthy, warming, comedic and friendly atmosphere. The tools she has given both me and my wife are invaluable and truly helping." Kyle & Partner

Childbirth is a beautiful blend of nature and nurture. 


Nature has designed us with the innate ability to nurture and birth life,  but enriching your natural instincts with expert knowledge can truly elevate your birthing experience.


With over 17 years of guiding and supporting parents-to-be, both privately and as an antenatal teacher for the NCT,  my key insights have transformed countless childbirth journeys. These are not just generic tips; they are proven, science-backed insights which work together beautifully with your body's natural instincts and involve your Birth Partner as a crucial part of the team. 

So, what kind of labour would you like? 

If you are wanting a labour that is straightforward

As comfortable as possible


Where you feel in control and empowered 


Let's take fear of the unknown and turn it into knowledge and action

Let's take anxious thoughts and turn them into a positive mantra

Hello! I'm Joy, a proud mum and passionate advocate for empowering birth preparation.

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I've navigated the intricate paths of motherhood and know all too well the confusion of sifting through conflicting advice. This ignited my mission: to provide comprehensive birth prep that's more than just facts, but a heartfelt guide to those pivotal new-parent moments.


Drawing from my own experiences, I pursued formal training and obtained a Diploma in Antenatal Education and an Independent Hypnobirthing qualification, amongst other industry-recognised training. Since launching my first course in 2007, I've remained committed to making parenthood engaging, insightful, fun, and most of all, approachable.

All of my classes are grounded in scientific fact and evidence and I tailor my support around your needs. Think of me as an "antenatal teacher in your pocket" being there for you when you need me. 

More Voices of Joy - This could be you ...

"We were given lots of information and resources which have helped us feel as prepared as possible for the birth and post natal period. Would absolutely recommend" Sarah

"As a first time pregnancy but with lots of friends who had been though it all giving conflicting and hard to understand advice it was wonderful to spend time with Joy. She was so calming, knowledgeable and non judgemental. I left our sessions not with more questions or confusion but feeling that I was well equipped to make any decisions I needed too"  Jennifer

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