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Sleepy Baby


Welcome to the heart of Birth Prep with Joy! Discover my personal journey into motherhood, the spark that ignited my passion for birth preparation, and how these courses have blossomed to embrace parents from all walks of life.

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Hi there! I'm Joy, and this is my cosy corner of the internet - a place filled with warmth, wisdom, and a sprinkle of real-life parenting humour. As a mum to a not-so-little boy and a stubborn yet lovable dog, I've trekked through the tangled terrains of parenthood. 


Feeling lost? Overwhelmed by too much information?

Trust me, I’ve been there!


During my own pregnancy, I waded through mountains of conflicting advice, yearning for something more concrete and inclusive. I wanted birth prep that wasn't just a lecture on labour but a genuine guide for those crucial 'firsts' as a new parent - like changing a nappy (trust me, it was a milestone!). 


From that frustration sprang my commitment to create courses that are as engaging and unique as they are grounded in evidence. So here's to embracing parenthood with all its joys, quirks, and the occasional nappy themed mishap. You're in good hands!

The beginning of my journey


I didn’t just stumble into the world of antenatal education;

I passionately pursued it.

My own unguided journey into motherhood spurred me to ensure no one else felt as lost as I did. So, back to university I went, armed with determination and a vision. After earning my Diploma in Antenatal Education and Independent Hypnobirthing qualification, I proudly crafted my first antenatal course in 2007. A dream realised!


So, if you’re feeling that tide of overwhelm, uncertain about your choices for childbirth or baffled by the enigma of how babies sleep (or lack thereof), then trust me, you're not alone, and you've found the right place! Together, we'll unlock the secrets to making labour and birth more comfortable, master the art of baby-holding with confidence, and yes, even unravel the complexities of development milestones and those essential purchases!


So take a deep breath; I've got your back every step of the way. Here's to empowerment, laughter, and the thrilling adventure of parenthood.

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Confession Time

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I'm unapologetically head-over-heels in love with all things birth related.

When I'm not sprinkling my unique blend of warmth and wisdom leading classes in Livingston or Larbert,  you'll catch me across the Scottish Central Belt teaching for  the NCT, globetrotting online with Blossom Antenatal and previously supporting Dad's across West Lothian with Dads2B classes at St. Johns Hospital. 


My passion for supporting expectant parents reaches far and wide, but always with a personal touch close to home.

But it's not all fun and games; there's a serious commitment behind my passion. I'm honoured to voice the concerns and joys of parents across the Lothians as a lay member of the NHS Lothian Maternity Voices Partnership. 


Continual learning is key, and I make it a point to keep my finger on the pulse of the latest obstetric and maternity practices. So, whether you're in my neck of the woods or on the other side of the world, I'm here, ready to support, educate, and celebrate the incredible journey of pregnancy and parenthood with you.

Birth Prep with Joy walking West Lothian

Navigating the newly charted waters of being an 'empty nester' with my university-bound son, I've happily settled into my role as a self-confessed homebody. 


You'll find no judgement here for embracing the joys of the simple life!


Days often begin with fresh air and wagging tails, walking through fields near my home with my wee canine companion. There's a special kind of magic being out in the countryside with the gentle hum of an audiobook in the ears.


Oh, and the kitchen? It's my creative playground. At least once a week, I’m baking cakes as I dance around to my 'uncool' Spotify playlists!


If this sounds like a snapshot of ordinary bliss, well, that's exactly how I like it. Come on in; grab a virtual slice of cake, and let's chat about your extraordinary journey to parenthood.

And Now ...

Qualifications & Experience

A Foundation of Trust

DipHE Antenatal Education 

Qualified Independent Hypnobirthing Practitioner

Student Breastfeeding Counsellor (NCT)

Cert. Counselling Skills

Doula Training Nurturing Birth

Level 2 Babywearing Peer Supporter

BD (Hons) Pastoral Care & Counselling

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