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Sleepy Baby


Hi there! I'm Joy, and this is my corner of the internet - a place filled with warmth, wisdom, and a sprinkle of real-life parenting humour. 

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The beginning of my journey

Feeling a bit adrift in the sea of pregnancy info? I totally get it!

When I was pregnant, I found myself buried under a heap of conflicting advice about childbirth. I wasn't just looking for a lecture on labour; I wanted real, empowering guidance that would help me feel informed and ready for both birth and those new parent milestones. I decided to enter the 'birth world' so I could share with you what I wished someone could have shared with me. 

I hold a University Diploma in Antenatal Education and Independent Hypnobirthing certification. Since creating my first antenatal course in 2007, I have had the privilege of supporting 1000s of couples prepare for birth and confident newborn parenting, infusing my classes with evidence-based knowledge and local maternity care insights.

Birth & Babies ...

Birth Prep with Joy and expectant mum antenatal classes west lothian

Empowering parenthood one class at a time 


When I am not supporting expecting parents privately with Birth Prep with Joy, I'm an antenatal teacher for the National Childbirth Trust (NCT)—the UK's premier parenting charity and support parents globally via the Blossom Antenatal online platform. 


I'm committed to fostering the next generation of antenatal educators as a mentor and trainee assessor and I've even had the joy of chatting about the wonders of babies with super enthusiastic primary school kids in West Lothian and supporting awesome dads-to-be on the Dads2B courses at St. Johns Hospital.


I'm super passionate about what I do and feel incredibly lucky to voice the experiences and happiness of parents in the Lothians as part of the NHS Lothian Maternity Voices Partnership.

Keeping my knowledge fresh is a big deal for me, so I'm always diving into the latest in obstetric and maternity care by attending all sorts of CPD events throughout the year.

No matter where you are, right here in The Lothians or halfway across the world, I'm here to offer support, share knowledge, and celebrate the amazing adventure of pregnancy and parenthood with you.

Birth Prep with Joy walking West Lothian

And Now ...

I've stepped into my new chapter as an "empty nester" and a lover of all things home.

My mornings kick off with a burst of fresh air and happy tail wags, as I meander through the nearby fields with my dog - now my substitute 'fur-baby'. There's something truly wonderful about being surrounded by nature with my group of dog-walking friends, even if the Scottish weather likes to keep us guessing!

You'll also catch me in my kitchen at least once a week, baking up some delicious treats while dancing to my favourite, albeit 'uncool,' Spotify tunes. And when it's time to wind down, I'm either getting lost in an engrossing audiobook or getting hooked on a thrilling murder-mystery show.

Qualifications & Experience

A Foundation of Trust

DipHE Antenatal Education 

Qualified Independent Hypnobirthing Practitioner

Student Breastfeeding Counsellor (NCT)

Cert. Counselling Skills

Doula Training Nurturing Birth

Level 2 Babywearing Peer Supporter

BD (Hons) Pastoral Care & Counselling

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