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Antenatal Courses plus Hypnobirthing
The Complete Birth Preparation Package

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Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Imagine feeling totally confident about your baby's birth, knowing that  have prepared well and have all the tools you need to have an empowered birth  experience. Wouldn't it be great to carry that confidence into early parenthood too ... 


If you are looking for a fully comprehensive, in-person antenatal course then I can help. 

Based in West Lothian, my 5* rated Complete Birth Preparation Package is just that: antenatal education, hypnobirthing and postnatal baby-care practice. 

With a university Diploma in Antenatal Education and hypnobirthing certification, I have been supporting expectant parents prepare for birth since 2007. My non-judgement and evidence-based approach along with local maternity knowledge means I really can offer you tailored support if you are giving birth in Central Scotland. 



Antenatal Course plus Hypnobirthing 


As well as our time together in person, the Complete Birth Preparation Package also includes on-going support once the course has finished. If  your circumstances change or you feel you just need a little reassurance or questions answered then keep in touch. I am happy to arrange a WhatsApp chat or Zoom call as needed. 

Why Work With Me


I will help you prepare for labour, birth and early parenthood so when the time comes you can feel calmer and more confident about what to expect and how you will cope. 

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I will help you to understand your choices and work with you and your birth partner so you can both be informed and prepared

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I will help you to trust your own instincts and show you how capable you are. I want you to make informed choices that are right for you, your baby and your family. 

The Complete Antenatal Package plus Hypnobirthing

Personalised Support

Once the course is over, the support does not end there! I am contactable via phone, email, WhatsApp or even Zoom if you have questions or your birth plans change

Engaging and Fun

Nobody wants to be 'talked at' for long periods, which is why my courses are interactive and discussion based. Online courses are not just a powerpoint presentation, you can be involved too.

Tailored to You

 I want you to get what you need from our time together. No question is too 'crazy' to ask. I have supported parents-to-be since 2007 and have a wealth of experience and knowledge to share

You were approachable, calm, informed & inspired trust. I lost a lot of fear of labour.

J & B

Dad with newborn baby

I just want to thank you for all the information. I managed to stay at home until I was 6cm & it was the best part of the labour because I felt so calm and in control.

Claire & Parter

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