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Birth Prep with Joy
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Untitled_Artwork 2_edited.png birth prep with Joy, supporting parents since 2007, with antenatal courses and hypnobirthing

Thinking about attending an antenatal course or curious about hypnobirthing? My free online taster session is the perfect way for you to find out more and learn about how my courses could help!


...on your pregnancy! 

Imagine feeling totally confident about your baby's birth, knowing that you have prepared well and have the skills you need to have an empowered birth  experience. Wouldn't it be great to carry that confidence into early parenthood too.


Based in West Lothian, I offer evidenced based in-person and online antenatal courses so you can feel fully prepared for labour, birth and early parenthood. 

I've been facilitating birth preparation courses both privately and for the NCT since 2007 and I would love to support you at this special time in your life.

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Complete Birth Prep Package Plus Hypnobirthing

12 hour course in Livingston, EH54
Antenatal Education
Newborn Baby Care

Hypnobirthing and
Birth Skills Workshop

2.5 hour online workshop
From the comfort of your home
Antenatal Education
Hypnobirthing Basics

Receive a free birth plan when you sign up to my mailing list, with handy tips and advice for planning your perfect birth!

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