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Joy at Birth Prep with Joy
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Welcome to Birth Prep with Joy, where the path to pregnancy and parenthood is guided by wisdom, wrapped in warmth, and custom tailored to you!


Pregnant women at Birth Prep with Joy Antenatal Course

 ... on your pregnancy. With more than 17 years of experience, supporting 1000s of expectant parents I reject the  one-size-fits-all approach to antenatal education. Instead, I embrace the unique path of every expecting parent.

Since 2007, I've created  in-person and online antenatal courses and hypnobirthing programs which are a departure from the class-room style approach. Think laughter embraces learning, all anchored in sold science-backed evidence with informed decision making at the heart of my courses.


Ready to experience pregnancy and parenthood in a whole new light?

Courses & Workshops

 Complete Birth Prep Package
Plus Hypnobirthing

Embark on an exciting journey to parenthood with this engaging antenatal course held in Linlithgow EH49 and Livingston EH54. The friendly and supportive environment is perfect for learning about birth,  mastering hypnobirthing techniques, understanding newborn care, and gaining valuable breastfeeding insights. Up-to-date with evidence-based information, enabling you to make choices that are right for you and your baby. You'll also have the chance to meet and connect with other local expectant parents too.

£185 per couple
Reserve your space with a 50% deposit

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 Your Empowered Caesarean Birth

Prepare yourself for a positive caesarean birth, whether it's part of your birth plan or you're just seeking more information on the topic.

This 2-hour online 1:1 workshop provides invaluable insights, practical knowledge and covers everything from pre-birth preparation, bonding with your baby and

 post-operative care 

 Choose a time that suits your schedule and take the first steps towards feeling confident about your caesarean experience. 

£30 per couple

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Hypnobirthing Essentials

Choose a time that works for you, and unlock the secrets of hypnobirthing from the  comfort of your own home with an engaging 2-hour online workshop!
Ideal for busy bees or those looking to enrich their birth preparation. This course offers you a  chance to master essential hypnobirthing techniques at your convenience,  setting the stage for an empowered and informed birthing experience.

£30 per couple

Breastfeeding for Beginners

Jumpstart your breastfeeding journey with this 2-hour online workshop. Designed for those keen to understand the ins and outs of breastfeeding, this session provides the essential knowledge you need to equip you for a successful breastfeeding experience. Engage from anywhere and gain the confidence to navigate your breastfeeding journey 

£25 per couple


Welcome to this exciting new chapter ....

The thrilling and occasionally nerve-tingling journey towards parenthood is an emotional rollercoaster ride, whether you're in a couple, embracing single parenthood, or anywhere in between. I'm proud to be an LGBTQ+ friendly space, where everyone is welcomed with warmth.


If you are feeling a twinge of anxiety about giving birth? You're not alone, and you don’t have to venture this path by yourself.  I'm Joy, ready to help you embark on this exciting adventure.

Whether you're joining me in West Lothian or cosied up online, my birth preparation courses offer more than just knowledge; they offer connection, empowerment, support and a non-judgemental approach to your antenatal care. 


Let's embark on this life changing journey from pregnancy to labour, and birth into early parenthood, all with a personal touch.

Voices of Joy 


From single parents to couples, from first-timers to those adding to their family, the wonderful parents I've worked with through the years have shared their experiences of attending birth prep with me.

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