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Hypnobirthing Essentials

The basics to boost your birth prep

Empowering you with knowledge and techniques for a calm and confident birth experience.

Birth Prep with Joy

Join me for a 2-hour live online hypnobirthing workshop from the comfort of your own home. We'll delve into what hypnobirthing entails, how it can benefit you, and I'll equip you with all the scripts and resources needed for comfortable practice at home. During this live session, you'll have the opportunity to ask real-time questions about labour and birth, and even after the workshop concludes, I'm just a message away, offering continued support until your little one arrives.

Can't make the date? Contact me to arrange a private 1:1 Hypnobirthing Essentials course

Course Content

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Overview of Hypnobirthing

- The mind / body connection

- Understanding your subconscious

- How self-hypnosis works

- Breaking the Fear-tension-pain cycle

Labour and Birth 

- Boosting your labour hormones

- Signs of labour

- Your amazing body and the stages of labour

- Role of birth partner

- Making informed decisions

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Self-Help Techniques

- How to relax during all birth experiences

- Optimal birthing positions

- Massage and breathing techniques

Bonus Extras

- 6 hypobirthing MP3 scripts

- Caesarean birth relaxations

- Online labour and birth resources hub

- 1hr post course support if needed

- Save £5 on a Breastfeeding for Beginners Workshop

Newborn Baby

I felt so relaxed and that we could ask anything. The whole structure was great. We're feeling a lot less terrified about the prospect of labour

John - Course Review

Newborn Baby

I wasn't sure about Zoom but really appreciate you making the classes interactive, informative and personal too!  We have learnt a lot!

West Lothian Mum - Course Review

Newborn Baby

We felt totally comfortable asking any questions. The course helped me to feel more informed and in control for my baby's birth

Heather - Google Review

Birth Prep with Joy

This comprehensive introduction to hypnobirthing also offers you local maternity insights, personalised support, and the convenience of participating from the comfort of your home - in your pyjamas if you wish!

Behind the scenes hypnobirthing essentials

If you can't make a scheduled course then I'll sync with your lifestyle, so you can centre your attention on prepping for the grand entrance of your bundle of joy.

Get in touch and we can arrange a course date and time that works for you. 


"I'm feeling a lot more positive about labour.  My partner is also much more clued up on what will be expected of him as he was concerned he'd feel a bit like a spare part. The class opened dialogue that made him realise his presence alone is incredibly important."

Personalised support is never far away

The course may end, but our connection doesn't. Reach out via phone, WhatsApp, or Zoom, whether you've got questions or your birth plans have taken a new turn.

Relax at home and have all your questions answered

And remember, there's no such thing as a silly question! (Seriously, try me!)

Engaging and fun, come as you are!

My courses are interactive and conversation-driven, creating a space where you can engage as much or as little as you like. Comfort and connection are key. Just keep your webcam so we can chat, 

£40 per couple scheduled course
£60 per couple 1:1 course - contact me to arrange

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