Hypnobirthing Antenatal Course
Complete Birth Preparation Package 

One of the main stressors surrounding birth comes from trying to control something that can be difficult to predict. It is normal to feel apprehensive and maybe overwhelmed by the unknown or scared if you are having to face again what was previously a stressful experience. That is where my hypnobirthing antenatal course comes in! 

Straight up, hypnobirthing doesn't promise a pain free birth, or that your labour will follow the exact birth plan you had your heart set on,  but what it will give you is a 'tool kit' to use to help calm and manage fear and anxieties about childbirth and hopefully enable and empower you to feel more relaxed and in control when you are in labour. 

Can I tell you a well-kept secret. Birth does not have to be something you dread

Hypnobirthing Antenatal Course held in Linlithgow West Lothian
Next Available Course Dates 

Sunday 18th September 2022

Sunday 20th November 2022

Sunday  5th February 2023

Sunday 19th March 2023

Included in the Course

Topics include: mind / body connection; overview of labour; how your labour hormones work; positions for labour; relaxation & breathing techniques; massage for labour; how your birth partner can support you; enhancing your environment;  preparing for the unexpected; making informed choices and so much more!

  • Attendance for you and your birth partner

  • Small groups of no more than 6 couples. 

  • Ongoing support via email / WhatsApp if you just need to chat

  • Up to 1hr Zoom support if your plans drastically change (caesarean or induction) 

  • Hypnobirthing book

  • Online Padlet resource with links to videos & useful information

  • Relevant course handouts 

  • Relaxation / hypnosis scripts downloadable MP3's 

  • Gift pack 

  • Chance to connect with other local parents-to-be in a relaxed and informal way

  • Plenty of time for tea and cake!

Hypnobirthing Antenatal Course Cost

£150 per couple 

Hypnobirthing Antenatal Course in Linlithgow West Lothian

What the Science Says

Studies have shown that hypnobirthing techniques can have a positive impact on how you might experience labour and birth. The British Journal of Midwifery reported  that women using hypnobirthing experienced: 

  • Shorter length of labour

  • Lower rate of caesarean birth

  • Lower usage of epidural / other pain management

  • Feeling more confident, relaxed, less fearful, more focussed and in control

  • Labour was easier and more comfortable than expected

  • Birth partners were more involved and more supportive

What Others Say 


You made us feel really comfortable with you, encouraged questions & discussion & always had time for anything we wanted to ask. You've also never made anything feel forced or preachy. It's was about letting us know the info so we can make our own choices. 


Thanks so much for all your help. Your course was great. We really couldn't have got through everything without it. I have been recommending it to everyone.

Katie & Partner

I don't think either of us knew what to expect. We learn't loads! you are very approachable & funny as well as knowledgeable. Great at creating a safe space to ask questions. Excellent at demystifying the whole business!

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