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Hypnobirthing Essentials

Embrace a Calm and Empowered Birth Journey with Online Hypnobirthing
1:1 online workshop at a time that suits you

Birth Prep with Joy Hypnobirthing classes

Discover Hypnobirthing at Your Own Pace

Whether you're new to hypnobirthing or seeking a comprehensive refresher, this  2-hour 1:1 online workshop is an invaluable addition to your birth preparation, offering deep insights and practical techniques to empower you and your partner.

Flexibility to Fit Your Life

Every moment is precious, especially now. That's why hypnobirthing essentials is designed to fit around your schedule. Choose the time that works best for you, whether during the day or in the evening, and enjoy a personalised 1:1 session that caters to your individual needs and questions.

Workshop Content

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Overview of Hypnobirthing

- The mind / body connection

- Understanding your subconscious

- How self-hypnosis works

- Breaking the Fear-tension-pain cycle

Labour and Birth 

- Boosting your labour hormones

- Signs of labour

- Your amazing body and the stages of labour

- Role of birth partner

- Making informed decisions


Self-Help Techniques

- How to relax during all birth experiences

- Optimal birthing positions

- Massage and breathing techniques

Bonus Extras

- 6 hypobirthing MP3 scripts

- Caesarean birth relaxations

- Online labour and birth resources hub

- 1hr post course support if needed

- Save £5 on a Breastfeeding for Beginners Workshop

Newborn Baby

I felt so relaxed and that we could ask anything. The whole structure was great. We're feeling a lot less terrified about the prospect of labour

John - Course Review

Newborn Baby

I wasn't sure about Zoom but really appreciate you making the classes interactive, informative and personal too!  We have learnt a lot!

West Lothian Mum - Course Review

Newborn Baby

We felt totally comfortable asking any questions. The course helped me to feel more informed and in control for my baby's birth

Heather - Google Review

Birth Prep with Joy

Experience the comfort and convenience of learning from your own home, making it perfect if you have a busy life, for parents who have other little ones to care for or simply prefer the comfort of their own space. Pets? No problem. They're part of your journey, too and are always welcome on Zoom!

Behind the scenes hypnobirthing essentials

Comprehensive Materials at Your Fingertips

Your learning doesn't end when the session does. You'll have access to an array of course materials and scripts, all available for download. Revisit the techniques and insights at your pace, deepening your understanding and practice.

Ongoing Support and Real-Time Interaction

Your journey to birth is an evolving experience, and our support continues beyond the course. Engage with real-time questions during your session and benefit from continued support as you move closer to meeting your little one. 

£30 per couple

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