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Breastfeeding for Beginners

Online workshop - Empower yourself for a successful breastfeeding journey

Are you seeking the best possible start for your breastfeeding journey or reliable information to help you decide how to feed your baby? "Breastfeeding for Beginners" has been carefully designed with your needs in mind.


This two-hour online workshop is your comprehensive guide through this incredible journey. It empowers you with knowledge, boosts your confidence, and provides the support essential for making breastfeeding a deeply rewarding experience for both you and your baby.

- Breast anatomy

- The Wonders of breastmilk

- Boosting your milk making hormones

- How much milk do you need

- How to know when your baby is hungry

How Breastfeeding Works

- Recognising when things aren't going well

- Where to go for breastfeeding support

Troubleshooting and Support

- Successful attachment

- Positions for breastfeeding

- How do you know feeding is going well

- Expressing and storing breastmilk

- Responsive bottle feeding

How to Feed your Baby

- 3 x breastfeeding relaxation MP3s 

- Online Breastfeeding resources hub

- 20 printable positive breastfeeding affirmations 

- Antenatal feeding worksheet

- Going well / need support guide

Bonus Extras

Course Content


The class was sooo informative. Joy was lovely and able to answer any question.
There’s so much more to breastfeeding than I thought !
Joy with baby doll demonstrating breastfeeding

Let's acknowledge that breastfeeding can come with its share of challenges, from latching issues to nipple soreness. However, armed with practical solutions and invaluable tips gained from this workshop, you'll be well-prepared to confront and overcome these common hurdles.

If you're in search of a non-judgmental, evidence-based online breastfeeding workshop, look no further!

Start preparing for a positive and fulfilling breastfeeding experience.

Breast milk is amazing

Demystify the science behind breastfeeding, from hormones to the incredible composition of breastmilk.

Partner involvement

Partners, you are welcome too! Understanding the process can make a world of difference in the support you can provide.

Master the essentials

Explore different feeding positions and learn the art of achieving a perfect latch, setting the stage for a smooth breastfeeding experience.

£35 per couple

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