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Your Empowered Caesarean Birth

Birth is miraculous however it happens
1:1 online workshop at a time that suits you

Mum and Dad after a Caesarean Birth

Discover How You can Have the Best Caesarean Birth Possible

Whether you're planning for a scheduled caesarean birth, exploring if it's the right option for you or want to find out more 'just in case,'  'Your Empowered Caesarean Birth' is designed to equip you with valuable information and practical tools tailored specifically for caesarean births. From understanding the procedure to preparing emotionally and physically for the experience, this covers it all.

Flexibility to Fit Your Life

Every moment is precious, especially now. That's why the 2 hour 'Your Empowered Caesarean Birth' workshop is designed to fit around your schedule. Choose the time that works best for you, whether during the day or in the evening, and enjoy a personalised 1:1 session that caters to your individual needs and questions.

Workshop Content

Preparing for Your Caesarean

- Why a caesarean might be recommended

- Creating a caesarean birth plan / preferences

Pain management options

- What happens during the procedure

- Birth partner support

- Meeting your baby 


Recovery and Postpartum Care

- What to expect after birth

- The recovery process 

- What help and support you may need

- Looking after your newborn after surgery 

Bonus Extras

- 2 Caesarean birth relaxations

- Online labour and birth resources hub

- 1hr post course support if needed

- Save £5 on a Breastfeeding for Beginners Workshop

Newborn Baby

I’m so grateful we did the class. It prepared us for what happens during c-section and I was able to relax a lot more knowing what was going to happen. It would have all been a total shock without.

Zoë - Course Review

Newborn Baby

I wasn't sure about Zoom but really appreciate you making the classes interactive, informative and personal too!  We have learnt a lot!

West Lothian Mum - Course Review

Newborn Baby

I never thought I would have a c-section but this class equipped me and my husband with the knowledge we needed. I can honestly say that I felt more confident and calm in the lead up to the birth and the experience itself. 

Louise - Course Review

mum, dad and newborn after a caesarean birth

Experience the comfort and convenience of learning from your own home, making it perfect if you have a busy life, for parents who have other little ones to care for or simply prefer the comfort of their own space. Pets? No problem. They're part of your journey, too and are always welcome on Zoom!

mum and newborn baby after caesarean

Comprehensive Materials at Your Fingertips

Your learning doesn't end when the session does. You'll have access to an array of course materials all available for download including specific caesarean birth relaxation tracks. 

Ongoing Support and Real-Time Interaction

Your journey to birth is an evolving experience, and my support continues beyond the course. Engage with real-time questions during your session and benefit from continued support as you move closer to meeting your little one. 

£30 per couple

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