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Demystifying hypnobirthing: how it can help you have an empowering birth experience.

Picture this: you're gearing up for the big day, prepping for birth, and you stumble upon the Complete Birth Prep Package. Now, within that package, there's a hypnobirthing element that might catch your eye. It's like the best of both worlds—an antenatal course and a hypnobirthing course all rolled into one. There's only one problem, you've heard of the word 'hypnobirthing' but you have no idea what it is or whether it's for you.

Stick around and I'll explain.

Hypnobirthing isn't about weird hypnosis tricks like you see on TV—no clucking like a chicken or swinging pocket watches here. Instead, it's a collection of techniques meant to amp up your pain relief, help you to relax, boost your self-confidence, and show you that your body is amazing and you have the ability to birth a baby.

It's not a new idea either, the roots of hypnobirthing have been around since at least since the 1930s.

In essence, hypnobirthing equips you with tools to navigate labour in a calmer, more self-assured manner, regardless of your birth plan:

Think of it as a toolkit for labour that equips you with various techniques and insights:

  • antenatal education

  • breathing exercises

  • massage strokes

  • and even self-hypnosis to help you navigate through labour with calmness and confidence, no matter your birth plan

Now, you might be wondering if this hypnobirthing stuff actually works or whether it is a bit too 'hippyish' to be effective. Well, science backs it up!

What does the science say:

A study from the Royal College of Midwives showed some amazing results. Using hypnobirthing techniques can:

  • assist with pain management

  • potentially shorten labour time

  • reduce the need for interventions like caesarean births,

  • lower anxiety levels

  • lead to better baby well-being post-birth

NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) states that women who choose to use hypnosis during childbirth should be supported in doing so (2014).

Imagine handling the early stages of your labour at home feeling strong and empowered but also feeling you are able to cope when you are driving to the hospital on a busy motorway, or even facing an unexpected cesarean birth - Hypnobirthing techniques can be valuable to use in all of these scenarios.

What is hypnobirthing = A toolkit for calm and relaxation during labour focusing on techniques and not on mystical practices or swinging pocket watches!

Hypnobirthing - the complete birth prep package - livingston and larbert scotland

How does Hypnobirthing Work?

Our bodies have an ancient "fight or flight" response to danger—thanks, ancestors! Even though we're not facing sabre-toothed tigers these days, our bodies still react to stress in the same way, and this can mess with labour - think strangers in your birthing space, driving to hospital and other modern-day distractions.

You want and need to stay relaxed to keep that hormone called oxytocin flowing, which is key to your labour progressing.

Hypnobirthing steps in to help you create a serene birthing environment, keeping you in a deep state of relaxation despite any disruptions that might pop up during labour. Birth partners can also learn techniques so they can be be super supportive.

Can Hypnobirthing Make Birth Pain-Free?

Not exactly, but it can definitely make contractions more manageable. It's flexible too, so you can use it alongside other pain management methods if you need to.

So hypnobirthing is not just for those seeking a natural birth?

Absolutely not! It can amp up any birthing experience, whether it's a planned C-section, induction, VBACs, multiple births, home births or hospital births - in fact anything birthing scenario. It's all about helping you approach labour with calmness and confidence, no matter what path you choose.

Hypnobirthing is particularly helpful if:

  • The thought of birth makes you feel anxious or scared and you want to feel more confident

  • You want your partner to be informed and play an active role in your pregnancy and birth

  • You want to stay open minded about birth and be able to make informed decisions

  • You have had a traumatic or difficult previous birth

Why learn about hypnobirthing from me!

I've been supporting expecting parents for almost two decades, and my antenatal courses cover everything you need to prepare fully for labour, birth and beyond.

Plus, being an Independent Hypnobirthing Practitioner means I can customise the course just for you and record self-hypnosis scripts that are completely personal to you. Worried about George Clooney crashing your labour room? We'll work on that! Whatever might hold you back from letting go during labour, we'll tackle it together.

I'll also be there to support you until your baby arrives. And hey, expect plenty of snacks, laughter, and a relaxed vibe during our sessions.

So, in a nutshell, hypnobirthing isn't about magic spells—it's about giving yourself the tools for a positive birthing experience. Give it a shot, and who knows? It might just become your go-to in your birthing toolkit.

In person courses held in Livingston, West Lothian, EH54 & Larbert, Stirlingshire, FK5.

Online hypnobirthing courses and beginners breastfeeding workshops



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