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The Complete Birth Prep Package plus Hypnobirthing and why it is the Antenatal Course for you

Mum and newborn baby

I remember the day I was discharged from hospital with our son. It was the beginning of the rest of our lives and started off with a ridiculously slow drive home as we navigated about 6 speed bumps exiting the Queen Mother's Maternity unit in Glasgow.

I had only ever looked after a cat and a goldfish before and being and my experience of babies was pretty much zero. The first nappy I ever changed was as a bleary-eyed new mum on the postnatal ward. As we crossed the threshold of our house, it became apparent that we were going to have to learn on the job and used to winging it like most parents seem to do.

If you are wondering how you are going to manage as a new parent or can't even think about that until you have navigated birth, then I hear you and I can help you.

Review of antenatal course west lothian

Why I can guide you through the birth maze

I've been supporting parents across Scotland, the UK and Europe prepare for birth and early parenthood since 2007 providing evidence based antenatal education both privately and for the NCT I have seen how obstetric and maternity guidance and guidelines have changed over the years and how, particularly across Central Scotland, the maternity system works. I've witnessed (particularly since the Covid pandemic) how couples want in-person courses and how locally, the demand for face-to-face antenatal classes is outstripping supply as the NHS gets back up and running.

My in-person 12 hour antenatal course is jam-packed with information about labour, birth and early-parenthood. Information I know expectant parents want because I hear it time and time again when I work with couples preparing for birth.

Join me at THE CHOOSE YOU YOGA STUDIO in Livingston, West Lothian

Choose you yoga studio livingston

When I qualified as an antenatal educator, I made a promise to myself that my style of facilitation would be relaxed and non-judgemental. It would also have to be grounded in science and reality! My aim is to make sure you have the information you need to make informed choices about your care so that you can have the birth experience that is right for you, your baby and your family. I also believe we learn better if we drink tea and eat cake, so there is that too if you want it.

Antenatal course and hypnobirthing west lothian

We can work together to make sense of the important stuff and the continuous support after the course means if your circumstances change or you have more questions, then keep in touch! No question is ever too crazy! I am so excited that I can hopefully help more expectant parents feel far more prepared, less daunted and less scared about birth and beyond.

Review of antenatal course and hypnobirthing West lothian

Birth partners, this is for you too

Birth Partners, you are a crucial part of the team and if you are becoming a new parent to then I want to make sure you feel you have everything you need to feel confident. The course is most definitely designed with you in mind (my philosophy on antenatal education for me can be found here)

The Complete Birth Prep Package plus hypnobirthing really is one of the most comprehensive antenatal courses on the market. If you are planning a water birth or caesarean or want to try hypnobirthing or use pain management at the hospital then we cover everything! There is no right or wrong way to do this!






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